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Did you know...

The population of Great Britain doubled during the reign of Queen Victoria from 16 million to 37 million!

The Workhouse


This is the story of Harry Budge, an eleven year old boy living in one of Victorian England's Workhouses - but not for long...


Join him as he makes his way through London's bustling streets meeting many colourful characters of the time - both rich and poor.

An original story that brings the Victorian age vividly to life.

"Outstanding performance and workshop.


The entire year group were focussed at all times, enthralled by the story and eager to participate in the workshop.


Knowing all of the other performances that you offer we will be forwarding your details onto our colleagues. Fantastic!"


Rachel Fuery, Lea Forest Academy

If, for any reason, we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a brilliant filmed version available. 

Take a look at the trailer for
"The Workhouse Boy"...

The Workhouse Boy Trailer

The Workhouse Boy Trailer

Play Video

This interactive play blends action and discussion to fully immerse the audience in the story.


As well as watching the play the children also get the chance to discuss the action they are watching in 'interactions' with the actors throughout the show.

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"I have continually used Hobgoblin Theatre Company every time I want to inspire children within our school. Whatever the topic, Hobgoblin are able to bring it to life.


Their workshop style sessions are perfect for ensuring that all children are accessing the story. I would recommend them to any school!"


                             J Howard, Queenborough School

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"Whole morning was excellent. Easily the best drama production and workshop I have seen/been involved in (and I have been teaching 20+ years!).


The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience too. I especially liked the 'pauses' to record and discuss the action and historical relevance. This was inspired - so often children just sit and enjoy without actively observing and learning.


Thank you very much. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity of working with you again."


                      Mrs Louise Roberts, Gossey Lane Primary School

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"Adults and children all enjoyed performance tremendously. Clever use of set, props and costumes evoked the many different characters and a huge amount of information was imparted in an interesting and exciting way.


All the children enjoyed the chance to interact with the actors. The actors really listened to the children's comments, answers etc and responded encouragingly.


The company was prompt and kept to time so thank you for that. It was money well spent."


                              Alison Cadman, The Orchard Infant School

"Really enjoyed the morning and particularly thought the group work at intervals was a huge success.


Children were amazed at how 3 actors could deliver so well and the workshop just rounded everything off beautifully."


                                       Claire Forsyth, John Hampden School

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PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png

"Dear Hobgoblins, the staff and children at WCPS really loved the Victorian play and workshop you did for us.


It was age-appropriate, extremely informative and inspired some outstanding writing from the pupils over the weeks that followed.


We will be booking you again for annual Victorian topic and I will recommend you very highly to the rest of the school for their various topics.


Thank you all for your energy and dedication."


                   Linda Darlington, Wimbledon Chase Primary School

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"Extremely well thought out containing lots of significant detail of the topic.


The children were totally engaged and on task. They were able to contribute their previous knowledge and learning which they really enjoyed.


A fantastic way to compliment and support our classroom teaching!"


                                   Fiona Kinsella, Coombe Hilll Junior School

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"Was completely blown away by how engaging, educational and enthralling the play was. The children (and teachers alike) were utterly spellbound! Can't wait to see you again!"


                                       Sara Nealon, Knightlow Primary School

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DSC_0008 (2).JPG

"Thank you very much for a wonderful play and workshop.


The children really enjoyed the story and the range of characters and props. The 'mini-plenaries' allowed the children to stay focussed on the performance and feedback ideas.


The workshop was very engaging and allowed all children to be included. We are very impressed with the Hobgoblin Theatre Company and will definitely be using them again. Thank you."


                                     Hannah Root, St Paul's Primary School

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