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Let's see what's in this wonderful digital resource pack...


Nora's Vlog - Key Stage 2

Nora has been time-travelling again, and this time she visited Prehistoric Britain...


This companion pack takes the children all the way from the development of humans all the way through to the invasion of the Romans and the end of the Iron Age in Britain.


As with all of the Nora's Vlog companion packs there are lesson plans, worksheets, drama activities and PowerPoints...

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The Ages of Prehistoric Man

The Stone Age


Skara Brae

Farming and Food

The Home

Stone Age Artwork

The Bronze Age

The Iron Age

Hill Forts & Iron Age Life

Religion in Iron Age Britain

Boudicca & the Arrival of the Romans

just £75.00!

Prehistoric Park Trailer

Prehistoric Park Trailer

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Remember, this digital resource pack has been produced to complement our KS2 production of "Prehistoric Park"...


Though it works perfectly well as a standalone resource it has maximum impact when used in conjunction with seeing the show.


CLICK HERE to visit the show page.

In the filmed scenes for this resource pack Nora meets...

2 men attending the opening of Stonehenge

A Bronze Age copper miner

Boudicca, Queen of the Icenii tribe

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Noras Vlog Example Screenshot 5.jpg
Noras Vlog Example Screenshot 6.jpg
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