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Learn about our original adaptation of "The Last Post", a beautiful WW1 novel.

After a successful initial tour of schools and educational settings in 2022 we were very excited to bring our original theatrical adaptation of Keith Campion's wonderful debut novel, "The Last Post", to theatres across the UK in October and November 2023.

"The Last Post" is a 60-minute play set in the early months of the First World War and tells its story through the correspondence between Joseph, who is on the front line in Belgium, and his son William, at home in Folkestone.

Drawing on our 15+ years of producing high-quality and impactful theatre for young people we have created, in "The Last Post", a piece of theatre that is both sensitively and appropriately handled and thought-provoking and poignant.


Using a split stage, multi-roling and projections, the story moves seamlessly between Folkestone and Belgium, ensuring the audience remain immersed in this simple yet powerful story.

"The Last Post" is perfect for family audiences and school groups from 8 years and upwards.

To discuss hosting "The Last Post" in your venue please contact Hannah in the Hobgoblin office on

07775 861165 /




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"After seeing Hobgoblin Theatre’s production of 'The Last Post', I will be thinking of William, Joseph and Pelly when this year’s Remembrance Services happen. Based on the novel of the same name by author Keith Campion, 'The Last Post' shows the story of a father and son writing letters to each other. 


A play adapted from a book that consists entirely of letters must have been a challenge for Hobgoblin, but they have made it a success by keeping the narrative flowing in an engaging and authentic way. Using a split stage and multi-media allows the audience to see the impact of the letters being written.

The cast, all playing more than one role, handle the scene/costume/character changes unerringly and it’s seamless. After the play had finished there was a Q&A with the cast and it was clear to see it - and the characters they played - meant a lot to them."

Mark Dunford, SussexWorld

"Thank you so much! A rave review from us! The adults and the children absolutely loved the production and were visibly moved by the performances. After studying WW1 as our history topic, the Y6's have a genuine connection with the stories and the heroes. The actors were fantastic; very professional and fab performers. PLEASE can you come again in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026... Amazing!"

Year 6 teacher

"The Last Post book by Keith Campion is brought off the page sensitively in the Hobgoblin production. The heartfelt performances explore the letters exchanged and show the blind hope of William to see his dad for Christmas. As a teacher watching you pay attention to the details of the trenches and somehow know where this will lead but William's excitement at his father's war adventures helps students to understand the enthusiasm for war. 
The poignant end with nods to modern day remembrance was very touching.

Secondary Head of History

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" 'I am looking over a sea of crosses. So many men. All those lives.’

The Hobgoblin Theatre gives Keith Campion’s ‘The Last Post’ a breath of life on stage as we follow the affectionate and hopeful correspondence of a drafted father in the First World War and his young son.

The three cast members managed to create an incredibly moving and educational performance in 60 minutes as they effortlessly manoeuvre between roles, making the stage both their home and their no man’s land.

The production takes the detachedness of warfare and places a warming spotlight on the individual behind the ‘politician’s war’, the individual with hopes, dreams, fears, and morals of their own, and highlights the exploitation of these men who craved safety, peace, and their own family."

Melissa Lander, I❤️MCR

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