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Whatever the topic you are studying, it is sure to be enhanced by experiencing our "Play in a Day" workshop...

Led by one of our actor facilitators, the day kicks off with games and drama activities based on the historical period you have chosen. There are plenty of fun facts and stories included, adding to the children’s knowledge on the topic.
The class work both individually and in pairs and groups as they explore the topic through drama.

Hobgoblin's "Play in a Day" for Key Stage 2 allows children to explore a period of history in a creative and practical way.

The class then begin to devise and create an original performance piece, working on their own scenes and group work, which results in a performance that can be delivered to another year group or even whole school at the end of the day.


The piece is led by the children’s ideas and imaginations, which means that each Play in a Day workshop is unique.

"Thank you so much for coming today. The children and I really enjoyed the day, it’s great how you facilitated it so that they were able to create their own play. It was so nice to see how that also provided them with opportunities to work as a team and be creative. It was so well done, really great sessions. My Head was very impressed with it too.


I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues and would book you again. Thanks again for your great workshop."


Tracy Antwi, St Luke's Primary

Hobgoblin’s Play in a Day topics covered include:


The Maya


1066: The Battle of Hastings


The Aztecs


The Great Plague of 1664/5


The Great Fire of London


The Gunpowder Plot


The Titanic


The First World War

Remember, we also have 8 different Key Stage 2 History plays ranging from the Stone Age through to World War 2.


If you are studying a different topic that you think would work well with a Play in a Day do please get in contact with us.

The experience is for a max of one class, or 30 children.


The workshop is comprised of a 2 hour session in the morning and a 90 min session in the afternoon, the final 15 mins of which is the performance.


The workshop works well at any point during the study of the topic - either as an exciting hook to get the children engrossed from the start, or during the topic to consolidate the knowledge they have from their topic lessons and to allow them to use their knowledge to create a fantastic, entertaining piece of theatre.

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