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Sometimes a show just needs a little rest...


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This is where our old shows come for a well-deserved sleep!

"Very entertaining and age appropriate.


The children participated enthusiastically and,for some of them, this was their first day at school!


The drama session was a wonderful start of year ice breaker, thank you so much."


          Jenny Chapman,  Bishop Ridley Primary School

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Captured all of the children's interest. A moral story with educational element.




              Miss Baillie, Wimbledon Chase Primary School

"Dear Hobgoblin Theatre Group,

  Thank you for coming to show us the Frog and Princess fairy story. We thought it was brilliant and funny. We hope you will come and visit us soon."


                           Love from McGough Class"

"It was very humorous and the setting was very good. I loved the auction bit. You included the audience well."

   Scarlet and Anton, Year 6 pupils, Claygate Primary School


"The adult staff who watched thoroughly enjoyed the panto - thank you once again."


     Katy Brown, KS2 Leader, Claygate Primary School

"The script was the best we've seen so far. The children (all aged 4-7) were able to follow the plot.


The actors' management of the children was good, for example, getting the children to stand and sit when the Prince came in."


                                         KS1 Staff, Tenterden Infant School

"Paced and pitched so that the children were enthralled without losing focus. You kept 200 children in the palm of your hands for a considerable amount of time.


The script was very clever and actors were energetic and enthusiastic. They were able to adapt to responses from the excited audience and were able to 'call order' without leaving characters Lots of hard work producing great outcomes Many thanks!"


                Headteacher, St Patrick's Primary School

"Absolutely brilliant! All 3 actors were very clear and spoke perfectly. They changed character distinctly. They flowed from scene to scene effortlessly. The story covered excellent historical, geographical, scientific and dramatic content and led into a very detailed discussion with my science class.


Simple. Effective. Engaging. Memorable."


                                   Yvonne Turner, Cumnor House School

PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png
PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png

Frog Prince

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The Frog Prince 1_.jpg
The Frog Prince 3_.jpg

The Rise & Fall of the Ugly Sisters

The Eyam

Once Upon
a Time

Peter Pan

"The whole school really enjoyed 'The Rise and Fall of the Ugly Sisters' yesterday.


It's rare to have a performance that interests and amuses both Reception up to Year 6 - credit to the superb acting and humour.


All the staff thought it was great too - an added bonus. Thank you to you all - will definitely book you again!"


                     Caroline Smith, The Royal Kent School

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Eyam 12.JPG
Eyam 21.JPG
Once Upon a Time 1_.jpg
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Peter Pan 3_.jpg
Peter Pan 5_.jpg
Peter Pan 4_.jpg
Peter Pan 2_.jpg
Peter Pan 1_.jpg

"I have seen Peter Pan performed several times and this has been my favourite.


With only 3 actors in the cast it seemed like many more. Costume and set design were simple but very effective in the hands of the three brilliant actors who enthralled the audience from the beginning. Pupil participation was thoroughly enjoyed (I even saw the teachers joining in!) BRAVO!"


Jackie Harvey, Lomesaye Junior School

"We booked your performance as a treat for our children and we are so glad that we did! Our children range from 3 to 7 years old and all of them were captivated!


The play had lots of humour for our older children and the youngest ones loved the songs and actions.


Thank you to the 3 performers who visited us."


S Buckler, Ashcroft Infant School

"It was wonderful! The children are all buzzing after the performance."


Kate Tilley, Ark Tindal School

& Plots

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