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Why are Pirates called Pirates?

They just 'arrrrrrr!

(The old ones are the best)



The adventures of young Jim Hawkins told in an entirely Hobgoblin style.


It's the first day of the Jim Hawkins' School for Pirates and things aren't going too well. The teachers are late, Jim's Mum is not happy at having so many people in her tavern and that classic villain, Long John Silver, is back to cause trouble.

There are pirates, parrots, plots and... other exciting things that may or may not begin with the letter P!


What is for certain is that the staff and children in your school will laugh their socks off!

"The set, props and costumes were perfect.


The acting was amazing. The children were keen to get involved with the performance.


We look forward to seeing another one of your performances very soon!"


Sue Beard, Shaw Primary School

If, for any reason, we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a brilliant filmed version available.

Take a look at the trailer for
"Treasure Island"...

Treasure Island Trailer

Treasure Island Trailer

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Make sure you don't miss out on this riotous Hobgoblin reworking of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale!

The blend of fun, story, adventure and audience interaction is sure to inspire your children to learn more about the book.

How about a Pirate theme for Book Week..? Or any week!?

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"Thank you and your production for coming to Manor Park Primary School, Sutton last week. Yet again an amazing performance and the children are still chatting about it... which prompted me to write to you re next year, when we would love you to return!"


Jo Bolton, Chair PTA

"Children enjoyed it - especially where they participated. Thank you for makig our party day such fun. Acting brilliant! Props great!"


J Grundy, St Michael's First School

"Fabulous staging and costumes.


Hilarious performance - the children really enjoyed the production. They particularly enjoyed watching their fellow pupils on stage.


Well done - full energy and enthusiasm throughout!


The children will most definitely be talking about it for a long time.


Now... 'Get out my tavern!' "


J Masset, Caldmore Academy

"Lots of comments from staff that this was the best performance of the many that they have seen. Thank you!"


Karen Simpson, Claygate Primary School

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"The children thought the set was good and clear. They liked the props especially the real steering wheel. Everyone thought the costumes were authentic. There was good storytelling, especially using flashbacks.


Most children thought the acting was really good and they particularly enjoyed the audience participation with the hornpipe dance and moving port side/ starboard side. All the children thought it was funny because the actors changed their voices.


Jokes were good to develop each character.They liked how a 'mistake' was turned into an advantage when one of the children was asked to participate.


All the children gave the performance 10/10."

Mrs Burns, Eastington Primary

"We had the pleasure of watching Treasure Island and having a workshop this morning (8/7/19) at St Mark’s CE Primary in Tunbridge Wells.


The children were extremely engaged throughout the performance and the workshop. They thoroughly enjoyed both and were very enthusiastic when we returned to the classroom.


The staff were very punctual, polite and very friendly. They engaged with the children and encouraged them all to take part.


I have passed leaflets and the information to other staff in my school, along with a high recommendation. I will also be letting teachers I know outside of my school about the fantastic morning we had."

Kat Ennis, St Mark's

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