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Did you know?

Ratty in 'The Wind in the Willows' is actually a Water Vole!

TheWind in the Willows


Mole has decided to leave her molehill for the first time and the world is a very daunting place!


Luckily for Mole she meets Ratty and Badger who recruit her to keep the irrepressible Toady under control.

Join our animal friends as they try to keep the Wild Wooders from taking control of Toad Hall.


Adventure, friendship and LOTS of audience participation make this show a great experience for the whole Primary age range.

"This year's play was one of the best yet.


The story line was clear with great characters. The show was brought to life by the excellent acting and entertaining script.


The children loved watching the show and it was a great start to our Christmas celebrations at school!


Thanks again for an amazing show!"


Sarah Ryding - Wigginton Primary School

If, for any reason, we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a brilliant filmed version available. 

Take a look at the trailer for
"The Wind in the Willows"...

Wind in the Willows Trailer

Wind in the Willows Trailer

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"We thoroughly enjoyed the play today!


The children were captivated throughout the performance and commented on how much they liked it.


Some teachers mentioned how well the content linked to one of our Science topics about nocturnal animals. Thank you for a wonderful show!"


Emma Stoker, Chigwell School

"A fab performance that was enjoyed by children from Yr R to Yr 6.


The set and costumes were good. Thank you for supporting children with SEN. Very positive and flexible."


Amy Edwards - Lockerley Primary School

"The group were lovely, very friendly.


The children loved the show - especially the interactive sections.


Our Reception and Year 1 pupils were enraptured throughout. Thank you for coming."


Ashley Abbott - Highwood Primary School

"A great performance. Super characters with lots of fun and interaction. The children all joined in the audience participation.


The fact that very few children asked to go to the toilet shows us that they were thoroughly gripped by the performance. Thank you for a super afternoon."

Helen Heath, Dove Bank Primary

"Fantastic enthusiasm and professional performance by all 3 actors.


Set was excellent as were the choices made in congressing the story into this script. Highly recommended."

Peter Richardson, Walton le Dale Primary

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PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png

"Children enjoyed performance and were fully engaged throughout the show. Interactive sections of the show were popular with the children and they loved the characters and dancing. Many pupils commented that they thought it was 'great'."

Marjorie Dean, Wolverton Primary

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PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png

"Brilliant. Fantastic. An amazing show - real talent. Just fantastic - perfect!! Thank you! Pure dead brilliant! Thanks. Fab - very funny. We loved it. Thank you."

Amanda Seager, Trinity First School

Wind in the Willows 2.jpg

"Very professional performance, the three actors worked very hard and were very clear.


The set was changed swiftly and effectively to change scenes (same as costume changes). The children were all engaged and participated fully.


The actors were excellent - they genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves. The actors arrived on time and set up efficiently."

Jo McCole, St Joseph's Primary

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