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Knock knock
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Robin who?

Robin the rich to
give to the poor!

Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood


Will Robin Hood and his band of hapless halfwits be able to outwit the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham?


Will the Maid Marian be cunning enough to save the day?


Who will triumph and who will fail?

Now you and your whole school can find out together in this hour long, fun packed show that is perfect for the whole school to enjoy together - from Reception right through to your Year 6 (and even the staff!)

With all of the classic characters from Sherwood Forest in a brand new adventure this show is a perfect opportunity to get the whole school together for an hour of laughter.

There is no maximum audience size for this show; in fact, the more there are the merrier the Merry Men will be! Great for Literacy Week, Book Day or simply as a fun treat for everyone in the school to enjoy together.

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"We really enjoyed the production. It was great fun and held the children's attention very well.


The performers were brilliant and the story was appropriate for the audience. We all enjoyed the fact that the actors took on lots of parts and changed so quickly."


                              Sue Bell, Claygate Primary School

"The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance, especially the humour and comedy throughout. The interaction with the children was fantastic and really got them excited.


Both the acting and the content was superb and well received by the children. Thank you for putting on such an enjoyable show for all."


                      R Old, Margaret Beaufort Middle School

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"The children really enjoyed todays performance of Robin Hood. It's amazing what you achieve with 3 actors and simple (but very effective) scenery! Well done to you all and thank you."


             J Adcock, Sturminster Marshall First School

"All the children loved the play! We have discussed it within our classes and the children took a lot from it.


They especially loved the interaction with the audience. One girl in my class said that when a character spoke to her she was happy and excited. They were impressed by the quick costume changes, they loved the accents and the different characters.


Some children hadn't heard of the Robin Hood story before and so loved finding out about it.


The workshops were great - it was lovely for the children to have an active part to play. A thoroughly enjoyable day."


                                  Sarah Madani, Windhill Primary School

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"The production of 'The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood' was excellent. It held the attention of children from Reception to Year 6.


The set, props and costumes were good especially for the introduction of the characters. The audience participation was superb. The children in my class (age 5/6 years) were greeting each other like Robin all week after.


You produced a very professional and entertaining production."


 Anne Herbert, Pen y Bryn Primary School

"The children (and staff!) enjoyed the performance.  It was a hit with us all!  


The actors were fantastic and captivated the children during the performance.  The interaction with the children was great and they loved joining in.


The cost was very reasonable, the scenery, props and costumes were effective.


We will recommend your company to other schools, many thanks."


Jo Wilson, Pirbright Village Primary School

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"Thank you so much for taking the time to come and perform your play, Robin Hood, this morning. It was absolutely brilliantly performed on all levels - clearly a lot of effort and time goes in to pitching your performances at such a level that they can be enjoyed by all children and adults present.


You really brought the story to life and helped our children to fully engage in a classic tale.


Excellent value for money. Brilliantly punctual. We'll book again, I'm sure. Thank you!"


      John Robertson, St Peter's C E Primary School

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"It was fantastic! The company were very engaging and the props were very creative.


They kept 60 children enthralled and on task throughout, including a range of challenging children who normally struggle in these types of situations.


We can't thank you enough and look forward to seeing you again."


             Sarah Durbin, Kings Heath Academy

"Another fantastic production.


We have had quite a few performances from Hobgoblin over the years and they are always fun, entertaining and engaging.


The children loved participating and laughed the whole way through. We were so impressed with your energy and use of humour.


Great costumes, great set and as always a professional , punctual team.


Thank you. We look forward to booking you again soon."


Louise Simpson, The Greville Primary School

"WOW! What a great morning we've had. Both our KS1 and KS2 children enjoyed a performance of 'The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood'.


The actors were very professional and had excellent control of the excited audience. The children (and staff) were enthralled by the production- we smiled, we laughed and we even joined in.


A fabulously talented group of actors who we would definitely welcome back again. Thank you!"


             Samantha Mooney, Shakespeare School

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Here's a trailer for the show...

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