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Why do plants hate algebra?

It gives them square roots!

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of Science


Cadet Sam is bored of doing his homework so he looks to his new computer, the Hobgoblin3000, to help him out...

This 60 minute sketch show takes us through the ages looking at a variety of scientific innovations and inventions:


KS1 - The Seasons & Weather, Plants, The Animal Kingdom, The Human Body, Materials and their properties, Space.


KS2 - The Animal Kingdom, Gravity and Forces, The Human Body, States of Matter, Space, Sound.

"Both performances were fantastic with a very enthusiastic team of actors. Feedback from staff included:

Very entertaining and engaging for all years and ages. Also, the scientific knowledge of the actors was great and the children learnt from them and could take into subsequent lessons.


The workshop was creative and imaginative and worked on some great drama skills. The children engaged well and linked really well with the main performance. The children loved creating an invention through drama which linked to their scientific knowledge."


Kris Willcox, Begbrook Primary

Using our trademark blend of humour, pace and creativity let us enthuse and inspire your children to learn more about the greatest scientific discoveries and theories in the history of humanity.

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For those few occasions where a live visit is not possible we have a high quality filmed version of this wonderful show available for streaming!


"Brilliant! Such an energetic, entertaining and engaging play.


Props and costumes were simple but very effective. Acting was very good. Children were so engaged! They always love being able to interact - particularly when holding up the planets.


The content covered a huge variety of topics which was great when doing a show for the whole school.


In all my interactions with Hobgoblin Theatre Company the cast have been punctual, enthusiastic and professional. Thank you for coming and for the fabulous show."


Susie Holmes, Hall School

"The show was fantastic. It engaged all the children.

They found it really funny but also learnt lots of information. The content was pitched perfectly and covered lots of aspects of the science curriculum. Thank you so much.


Children and teachers are all buzzing about it and saying what great stage presence you have, how well pitched, engaging and informative it was.


The best theatre show we've had in a long time."


Laura McGregor, Castleview School

"The pitch and content was excellent.


Kids were so engaged because the acting was brilliant. The actors gave good interactions with the audience.


The play was very funny but very informative at the same time. Would definitely book again. Thank you!"


Emily Houghton, John Bramston School

"KS1 - very happy! Children engaged and involved and retained lots of information.


KS2 - extremely engaging. Children motivated and thoroughly enjoyed it. Loads of curriculum content covered.


A big thank you once again!! Overall a fantastic set of shows."


Louise Etheridge, St Mary's

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"Very informative and pitched perfectly for children in KS1.


All children were engaged throughout and the use of pictures (body parts/animals) was perfect for our children who speak English as their second language. A great performance - thank you!"

Ellen Campbell, Shenton Primary

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