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Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9!

History of Maths


"The History of Maths" is a Primary Numeracy play that covers KS1 Maths and KS2 Maths.

In the KS1 version we look at counting, solid and flat shapes, simple problem solving and using addition and subtraction, as well as introducing mathematical vocabulary.


In the KS2 version we also cover multiplication and subtraction, simple fractions, communication and reasoning and situational problem solving as well as the use of precise mathematical language and vocabulary.


If you would like just one version of the play for your whole school we would recommend the KS2 version.

Why do we need Maths...? Where did it come from...?


Take a journey with us as we travel through time in our fun-filled sketch show looking at how Maths has influenced some of the most important times and events in our history.


We offer two versions of the play, one for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2.


Each version is written to challenge the childrens' preconceptions about Maths in a fun, stimulating and engaging way.


One performance of the show costs £550 plus travel and two performances costs £710 plus travel.

If, for any reason, we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a brilliant filmed version available. 

Take a look at the trailer for
"The History of Maths"...

The History of Maths Trailer

The History of Maths Trailer

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"The whole school really enjoyed the play. Children have been quoting Maths related jokes! Thank you for coming in!"


Amy Farrelly - Ravenscote Junior School

"The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and remained engaged and entertained throughout. It was very much pitched at the level the children are working, with opportunities to extend their thinking skills."


L Blackman, KS1 Teacher - St Paul's C of E Primary School

"A very enjoyable production that had all the children engaged. Years 5 & 6 were also suitably challenged.


The staff thought it was very well presented with good acting and content. They were punctual and prfessional and we hope to see them again in the future."


Julie Dharamshi - Fairfield Primary School

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"The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed this play. I particularly enjoyed the link with history and topics which the children are familiar with. The 3 actors were fantastic and the mathematical content/language excellent."


Carolyn Lintorn - St John Fisher Primary School

A selection of letters received from the children of St John Fisher Primary School:

"Dear Actors, I really loved your play... especially when you made Maths fun... When you were performing I felt like I will do Maths every day, and then I did."

Edwin, Year 3


"My favourite was Henry VII because it was all about fractions and that is what I need help with and now I know all about fractions. I wish we could watch the play all over again."

Toni, Year 4


"Now I know that Maths helps your brain and it can be super fun at the same time. Maths is an amazing thing... I've realised that since I saw the play."

Jenny, Year 5


"Could you come back and perform another show about Science or Literacy so we can make those subjects fun like Maths."

Lukas, Year 4

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"Another great show! I felt there was enough in it to keep Reception children engaged whilst also stretching the older children (and keeping staff amused!)


The actors were very polite and helpful; it was a pleasure to welcome them into school.


I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon - it was such a pleasure to look across at the children beaming with enjoyment! Many, many thanks!"


Louise Norris - Kegworth Primary School

"Wonderful - pitched perfectly for our Year 1 & 2 children.


Professional, punctual and very pleasant.


The cost was very reasonable considering the energy, effort and length of the play."


Aurora Mercer - Sherborne Prep School

"The children really enjoyed the play - plenty of interaction and Maths language. Brought Maths to life and gave it a purpose. Covered so much of what the children are doing at the moment."


Teacher - Crooklog Primary School

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"Loads of numeracy vocabulary reinforced. Well presented and captivated KS2. Historical theme clever and entertaining. Good audience participating. Props/backdrop all good and effectively used.


Really entertaining and a super way to kick off Maths Enterprise Week. Thank you very much."


Em Mills - Belmont Primary School

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