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Did you know...

61 different countries were involved in World War 2!

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Thompsons' War


It is 1940 and Britain is at war with Germany...


Follow the story of Lizzie and the rest of the Thompson family and see how the war affects the lives of those left at home, both bringing people together and tearing them apart.

This original play is a great way to bring World War 2 alive in your school hall.

"Fantastic play and loved the way you stopped to talk to the children at parts in the story, it kept them really interested and engaged. The behaviour management was great, they were on time and great value for money.


The story was really relevant to our topic and gave us a great basis to do more work. I would definitely use Hobgoblin again!"


       Kirsty Giel, Dogmersfield Primary School

If, for any reason, we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a brilliant filmed version available.

Take a look at the trailer for
"The Thompsons' War"...

The Thompsons War Trailer

The Thompsons War Trailer

Play Video

This interactive play blends action and discussion to fully immerse the audience in the story.


As well as watching the play the children also get the chance to discuss the action they are watching in 'interactions' with the actors throughout the show.

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"The Hobgoblin Theatre Company is better than any school trip. They were very good at getting history to you in a funny way."


       Robert Bristow, aged 11

"It covered key aspects that had already been taught and was a good summary of work already covered.


The acting was very professional and engaged the children. We liked the simple stage set and the children being in a close proximity to characters.


The cast were enthusiastic and convincing in portraying different roles. They arrived early and were ready for a prompt start."


       Sue Hostler, Coombe Hill Junior

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"The workshop was, again, excellent. Well structured, inspirational, produced some great work from the children. Thank you!"


       Sam Chapman, Leechpool Primary

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"The Hobgoblin Theatre Company is a brilliant way to learn and as well as it being educational it is funny and you get a lot more information through drama."


       Sophie Fleming, aged 11

"Having studied World War Two in some detail our Year 4 children have learnt about many aspects of life in the Second World War but the characters, setting and atmosphere created in 'The Thompsons' War' really helped bring the history to life.

The drama workshop complemented the content of the play well too.  The children were guided through activities that allowed them to express their own ideas and responses.  The actors engaged the children throughout, helping them to focus and get the most out of every part of the session."


        Jonathan Bramley, All Saints C of E Primary School

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"A fantastic play. It brought WWII to the children's level as they saw it through children's eyes. I also think stopping and brainstorming is a great idea. It kept the children completely focused. The plot was easy to follow and provided many poignant moments."


        Debbie Edwards, Nutfield Church School

"The children really enjoyed 'The Thompsons' War'. They were engaged throughout and the performance really helped to bring WWII alive for them. I thought the way the play was stopped at various points to give children a chance to share ideas etc was particularly good."


        Sara Cornell, Wentworth Primary School

"I was really impressed with the play - content and acting and also with the discussions that took place in small groups. All the children were fully engaged for the whole time.


The drama workshop worked really well too and the children had so much fun!


We all thought this was a great morning and would love to have the same again next year. Thank you!"


                                  Miss H Main,  Connaught Junior School

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PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png
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"Dear Hobgoblin team,

 Thank you very much for another wonderful session on Friday. I particularly appreciated your positive yet firm handle of the children especially after a rather hectic WWII day (pre SATS distractor!)


Their attention and imagination was captured from start to finish and it was a very fitting end to their programme of study.  You always arrive on time and your friendly and professional attitude is warmly received by all of our staff.


Thanks again."


        Fiona Kinsella, Coombe Hill Junior School

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"Our Year 3s loved the show 'Thompson's War' which really brought alive everything they had learned about World War II.  Every child was completely engaged with the show, and the parts where they went into groups with 'their' actor to reinforce the learning worked so well.  The show covered every area that we had planned for and a little bit more - we particularly liked the way Hobgoblin addressed predjudice against the German people (as opposed to the Nazis) and this generated very valuable discussion.   The children also thoroughly enjoyed the drama workshop where they had to 'sculpt' each other.  Altogether a brilliant performance, excellent workshop and good management of a large year group - thank you again!"


        Kasia Watson, Durrington First School

"Engaged children's interest very quickly and maintained their interest throughout. Wartime London represented through a great story with believable characters, brilliant voices and a school girl narrator.


Pitched at an appropriate level and relevant to the curriculum; rationing, evacuation, blackouts, air-raids and social issues all covered well. Thoroughly enjoyable, thank you."


Year 6 Class Teachers, St Lawrence Junior School

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"The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and stopping at regular intervals for group work to consolidate their learning was a fabulous idea.


We liked the music that was playing when we walked in and the use of Chamberlain and Churchill's speeches was very inspiring!


Thank you."


      Kerry Hobbins, Yardley Wood Community Primary School

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"Clever use of cast for different characters. Good cast presence. Impressed by the amount of historical detail. Year 5 picked up on use of idioms too! No criticism at all. The children loved the workshops."


        Kate Galloway, Ripley Court School

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"Many thanks - a well written and performed piece about home life during WW2."


                           Peter Brackenbury, Weelsby Primary School

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