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Why did Henry VIII have so many wives..?

He liked to chop and change!

All the World's
a Stage


William Shakespeare has a problem...

The Queen has demanded that he write her a new play and he is all out of inspiration. If he doesn't come up with something good, and soon, he's going to lose his head - literally!

Luckily for Shakespeare we meet loads of Tudor notables - including Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, Catherine of  Aragon, Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII himself - and this provides him with some inspiration.

"The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about life during the Tudor period in this energetic, highly engaging show/workshop.


The actors were fantastic and ensured the children understood what was required of them at all times.

Well done!"


Deborah King, St John's Primary School

If, for any reason, we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a brilliant filmed version available. 

Take a look at the trailer for "All the World's a Stage"...

This interactive play blends action and discussion to fully immerse the audience in the story.


As well as watching the play the children also get the chance to discuss the action they are watching in 'interactions' with the actors throughout the show.

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"Another fantastic day from the Hobgoblin Theatre Company.


The play was really informative and all the children learnt so much about the Tudors.


The small group work throughout the play ensures all of the children have a good understanding.


The workshop in the afternoon gives the children a chance to improve their own drama skills. Thank you again for a wonderful day. 


Hobgoblin Theatre Company is the best school theatre company I have ever used.


See you next year!"


Laura Huntley, Queens Park Academy

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All the Worlds a Stage Trailer

All the Worlds a Stage Trailer

Play Video

"Performers were punctual and well prepared. Extremely professional and friendly.


It was clear that they were knowledgeable and well informed on the topic.


You really had a talent of captivating the children.


Extremely interactive - I would recommend highly to anyone.


Thank you  very much!"


Ameena Gamiet, The Stoke Poges School

"The play and the workshops were amazing.


They added to our Tudor topic and the children loved every minute.


The enthusiasm from the staff was incredible and had every child spellbound.


Thank you so much and we will see you next year!"


Josie Rowe, Queens Park Academy

"Lovely performance with child interaction.


Informative for all year groups. Lovely Q&A at the end."


Sally Underwood, St Margaret's Primary School

"A fantastic morning of learning for the children. Never too much sitting for any length of time.


Learned plenty of Tudor facts and improved their drama skills. High challenge, low stress and very engaging. Thanks!"


Sarah Webb, Bethany Junior School

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