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What sort of music do mummies listen to..?

Wrap music!

The Curse of
the Mummy


Excitement levels are running high in the London Museum of Egyptology.


The world famous Amulet of Tutankhamun is on display for the first time.


But wait, it's been... stolen!?

Join Professor Pinkerton and his team of expert Egyptologists as they try to find the amulet and unravel the Curse of the Mummy before it is too late...

"I have seen this show 3 times, we book them every year!


This year James, Lianne and Felix were amazing. The performance covers good links to our Egyptian topic and they involve the children through questioning and splitting into smaller groups to re-cap what has happened so far. It's a great way for the children to relay all the information/facts they have learnt.


They are able to control the children well and it is clear they are passionate about their jobs. The drama workshop really lets the children explore different areas of drama.


Thank you, see you next year!"


                            Aimee Whitby, Beavers Primary School

If, for any reason, we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a brilliant filmed version available.

Take a look at the trailer for "The Curse of the Mummy"...

The Curse of the Mummy 90 second trailer

The Curse of the Mummy 90 second trailer

Play Video

"Play - Brilliant! Had the children enthralled and laughing. Loved the informative bits and the interactive elements.



Workshop - Absolutely fantastic. Children really enjoyed it - loved all the drama techniques. Gave us ideas for further activities.


Thank you!"


                            Lynne Barbour, Twyning Primary School

The Curse of the Mummy 2_.jpg

This interactive play blends action and discussion to fully immerse the audience in the story. As well as watching the play the children also get the chance to discuss the action they are watching in 'interactions' with the actors throughout the show.

"The play had the children really engaged and was appropriate to their level. Acting was very good and made content accessible to all learners.


We really liked how there were bursts to brainstorm what had been learnt at various points in the performance.


The day was well organised, actors were professional and really good with the children. Punctual and with good timekeeping


We will be booking with you again soon!"


             F McAlpine, Minet Junior School

The Curse of the Mummy 5.jpg

"It was amazing! Best we have ever seen!


Costumes were great and accents & the interaction with the children was very good. When divided into 3 groups the children were enthusiastic and had lots of interesting ideas to share with you.


Loved the way you got lots of facts across and at the same time got all of the children to laugh and remember it all.


We will very much try to get you back at some point next year. Thank you."


             Niamh Quigley, Ashton House School

"Excellent integration of key facts very skillfully repeated. The children learned a lot.


Very engaging performances."


                            Anna Hodkin, The Lanes Primary School

The Curse of the Mummy 4.jpg
The Curse of the Mummy 1_.jpg

We were so impressed with how focused  and engaged the children were and with the standard of work they produced.


Thanks, once again."


                Lucy Rose, St Margaret's Junior School

"Another fantastic performance and drama workshop.

"The play was absolutely fantastic! Both chilldren and adults enjoyed it. The play was well paced with lots of factual information included in the plot.


The actors were amazing, playing each role so well and with lots of enthusiasm and accuracy.


The workshop worked incredibly well with the play and the children gained a lot from it.


We would recommend this play and the company to anyone!"


                         Elizabeth Rees, Willow Brook Primary School

Fiona, George and Prof.jpg
Filmed Egyptians.jpg

"This performance not only reinforced the facts about Ancient Egyptians, but also encouraged the children to take a role in developing their learning through drama.


The characters were fun and very memorable, especially Francois Baguette!


We really enjoy the Hobgoblin Theatre team coming to our school - they are always so professional and flexible. Thank you."


                            Katy Brown, Claygate Primary School

"A very enjoyable experience for pupils and teachers!


Children were well engaged throughout. The idea of breaking up the acting with little thought groups was effective and well in tune with how children cope with longer periods of sitting.


Hopefully see you again!"


                     Amy Brow, Davington Primary School

PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png
PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png
PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png
PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png
PNG Hobgoblin Theatre Company Mushroom Logo Embossed for Exhibition.png

"We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance as it engaged all of us - children and staff!


It was very informative in an entertaining way and we liked the differentiated questions as well as the recall they did in the small groups. We also loved the energy and the humour.


The children responded really well to the activities you gave them in the workshop."


                   Sam Lott,  Bluecoat Junior School

"Yr 3 children were very engaged. Funny and educational. Built on our in-class learning and consolidated their learning. LOVED that the play stopped and plot/events were explained at points.


Great story, super set and costumes. Punctual, professional and organised. Drama workshop was good - staff were ineractive and worked well with the children. Moved around ensuring children were on task.


Defo booking again - thank you!! :-) "


                   Lena Patel,  Ewell Castle Prep School

"The children and staff both thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The acting was of a high standard and was pitched well for the age of the children.


Your team was here with plenty of time and there was lots of great humour!


We will definitely book again. Many thanks!"


                     S Neville, Warren Road Primary School

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