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Caveman #1 invents the wheel

Caveman #2 - What that for?

Caveman #1 - You wheelie don't know?


Hunt like Stone Age man, trade with Bronze Age villagers and hang out with some Celts.  What could possibly go wrong?

"The Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed 'Prehistoric Park'. The set, props, costume and acting were excellent and kept all the children engaged throughout.


The show and workshop worked really well alongside what the children have been learning in class.


Thanks for organising the timings of the show and workshops around our hall/lunch timetable. It all worked really well. Thanks!"


     Jenny Jeffery, Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School

Take a look at the trailer for "Prehistoric Park"...

Prehistoric Park Trailer

Prehistoric Park Trailer

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"Play - excellent engagement with children. Good topic coverage with key vocab (visuals helped, boards very good).


Very funny and entertaining (imaginative script). Good use of breaks to consolidate performance/facts learnt. All 3 actors excellent (energy, accents, characters!) Great use of props.


Workshop - good warm-up/use of space. Children engaged - good control of group by actors. Good use of freeze-frame to embed learning. Clear instructions. All children involved and enjoyed it! Good cool down. Thank you!"


     Peter Jelley, Meadow Primary School

"Once again the show was fantastic and kept the children (and adults) thoroughly entertained.


The content was pitched perfectly and matched what we had been learning about throughout this topic in class, and the actors were very enthusiastic and kept the children wanting more all throughout the performance and workshop.


Thank you once again for your hard work."


     Mark Green, St Joseph's Primary School

"Wow! Fantastic. Thank you Hobgoblin Theatre Co. for providing such an invaluable experience for Sidbury Primary (KS2).


'Prehistoric Park' was wonderfully acted and provided a rich learning experience for our pupils, as well as an engaging workshop which helped to consolidate learning in the classroom and what they watched.


Thank you team! Expecially for adapting to our small school hall!) Massive thanks!"


    Max Faulkner, Sidbury Primary School


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Welcome to Prehistoric Park!


Join the animatronics at the opening of the world’s most technologically advanced theme park.

Sabotage, questionable disguises and NO dinosaurs in Hobgoblin’s KS2 curriculum-based play that will get your kids laughing and exploring the topic of Prehistoric Britain.

An interactive theatre in education piece that will involve the children in discussion with the actors to further their understanding and enjoyment of their Stone Age/Iron Age study.

If, for any reason, we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a brilliant filmed version available.

"Play - engaging age appropriate and exciting way to extend children's knowledge. Liked the small group work throughout. Useful for class teaching andd assessments. Quick (and lots of) costume changes! Perfect for my Year 3 class. Workshop - great questioning throughout and liked how each mini game had a different purpose. Children had great fun this morning and have been able to share lots about their participation and new knowledge. Thank you!"


  Katie Martyn, Christ Church Primary School

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"The play was brilliant!


All children were engaged and loved every single bit of your play. It was very informative and funny. The children learnt a lot during that performance.


The workshop was fantastic. The children absolutely loved it."


  Katarzyna Motaali, Stanburn Primary School

"Amazing students' experience from start to finish.


Great communication, thoroughly professional. The play was extremely well done.


The content was in line with all of our learning objectives and was delivered in an incredibly fun and engaging way.


The breakout sessions to gather student feedback was very valuable too.


Will definitely be recommending to our wider school. Thank you so much for an amazing morning."


     Katie Baird, South Borough Primary School

"Children were very engaged and learnt a lot of facts in a fun and engaging way! The play was funny, engaging and pacy. The workshop was also very fun and energetic."


Debbie Amos, The Vale Primary School

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