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It's not nice to break into someone's house, eat their porridge and break their chairs, is it?

Could someone please tell Goldilocks that!?

the 3 Bears

Goldilocks reversed.png

Who's been eating my porridge...?


It must be Goldilocks, the naughty girl who causes mayhem in the 3 Bears' house. Will she learn to respect other people's property? And to be less selfish?

Find out in this re-interpretation of a children's classic.


This production supports the National Curriculum study of Traditional Tales as well as Literacy, Numeracy & PSHE.

"The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It promoted social values, mathematics and really enthused the children to participate in drama, connecting with the story. The humour was suitable for children and adults alike. It was also fantastic to show children a diffferent version of the story.


The workshop was exciting and allowed the children to reflect on what they saw, also teaching them how to take on a character and use their imagination."


                        Stacey & Becker, Manorside Combined School

Take a look at the trailer for "Goldilocks & the 3 Bears"...

If, for any reason,  we are unable to visit you in person to perform the show we have a specially filmed version available. 



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"We found the play to be well explained so the children were clear about the characters at every stage and story.


The story had great morals and was entertaining. The children were engaged and could relate to the characters in the story. There was great interaction between the cast and audience.


The scenes were kept just the right amount of time to keep the children enegaged in. The workshop was fun and thought-provoking. A big thank you from Reception (Chestnut Class)."


                       Joanna, Parkfield Primary School

"Fantastic show - it was pitched 'just right' for Nursery and Reception!


We will be booking again!


Props and costume made the show very fun for the children.


Very professional company."


                               Jami Heath, Wollescote Primary School

"We were all very impressed by the performance that you gave. It was fun, interactive and the children loved it. We will definitely be booking you again ."


                 Antonia Alexandrou,

Woodlands Infant School

"Our Nursery children thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. It tied in with our Fairy Tale topic.


Children particularly enjoyed the workshop afterwards too.


We liked the way the performance got the message of stranger danger and not to judge a book by it's cover across to our children.


There was a good use of space and the workshop enabled the children to use their imagination.


Staff were very professional land children were happy to take part."


                               J Hamilton, Mayfield Preparatory School

"A fantastic performance once again.


Great energy from the cast. The children really do remember these performances as they are followed up in class.


The workshops were very interactive and accessible to all children. Great work.


Thank you!"


                         Sam, Catherine Infant School

"I just wanted to say another massive thank you to you and your team today. The children were so involved and enjoyed every little bit. It really helped consoiidate the fairy tale work we have been doing in class.


You and your team did such a fantastic job with the acting and workshops. I have recommended your company to other members of staff.  

Thank you once again."


                         Aimee Coe, Beavers Community Primary School

"Thank you so much. It was a lovely take on the Goldilocks story.


We liked that you incorporated the maths language for this age group and talked about the other traditional tales.


The costumes were fantastic, as was the acting. The children were all mesmerized and we will definitely be using you again. Thank you."


                         Rebecca Richardson, Northfield Primary School

"We thought Goldilocks was brilliant.


All the children were engaged and found it fun and so did the grown ups. It was nice that the children could interact with the actors and join in with counting and various parts of the play.


The actors were all nice to the children and interacted and spoke to them really nicely, they were friendly and approachable. We thought it was really good that the play covered stranger danger but in a child friendly way.


The workshop was great and children could contribute with their own ideas and actions. We would love to have you back again. Well done to all involved."


                         Karen Bedding, Crick Pre-School

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